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Excell Shield (Kapunda vs Murray Bridge)

Murray Bridge retakes the Shield 22nd October 2016

 Saturday 22nd October 2016 saw the staging of the annual Excel Shield event against Murray Bridge Rifle Club, at the Kapunda Range, over the usual 700 yards. 15 Kapunda members were keen to defend the Shield against an equal number of Murray Bridge members. The coached off-rifle event saw a very wide spread of results from individual shooters from both sides. Sadly, Kapunda’s stand-in Captain Dave Pumpa was forced to relinquish possession of the shield, with Murray Bridge averaging just over a point higher for each shooter. Congratulations to Murray Bridge and well done to those members who helped to ensure a smooth and enjoyable event.  excell-shield-700-yards-22nd-october-2016-for-web

2016 Country Teams 13th March

2016 Country Teams Results

Country Teams 2016 F Class Coach’s Comments

Coach Peter Larsen            Plotter Adam Pohl

Shooters: Matt Lagana, Jim Taylor, Steve Smithson, Barry Kalleske, Jerome Ziersch.

This year Kapunda F Class made the decision to run with a dedicated coach and plotter. This was more in line with a State team setup and gave the shooters an idea of how a State team shoot would be run.

The decision for me not to shoot and be a fulltime coach was well accepted by the team. I was confident that I could do well as a coach and keep the score high with good trigger pullers.

I can say we had 5 great shooters that supplied me with great waterline shots to show me where I was going wrong. Adam was also a great asset with plotter/confirming wind reader.

The first 500 metre range put a huge smile on my face, dropping only 3 points out of the possible 300. This set the standard for the rest of the teams to match.

The second and third range had more interesting wind calls with conflicting mirage. Scores dropped to an average of 57.

The total score of 864.51 was a great all round result giving us first place by 18 points.

I was very happy to see that I must have been very consistent with my coaching as each shooter had very similar final score. The lowest score was 172 and the highest 174.

I must thank the team members for their support. This allowed me to do my best and get us over the line for the first ever event win for Kapunda F Class.

Peter Larsen

Coach/Captain Kapunda F-Class country team 2016.

2016 DRA Teams Results

DRA Teams 2016 Results

Excell Shield (Kapunda vs Murray Bridge)

Kapunda wins 2015 Excell Shield after a long drought

Dave Pumpa (Kapunda) and John Cranwell (Murray Bridge) with the Excell Shield
Dave Pumpa (Kapunda) and John Cranwell (Murray Bridge) with the Excell Shield


Murray Bridge


R. Paech 50.6, 50.6, 100.12

A. Heard 48.3, 50.5, 98.8

G. Traeger 47.1, 49.5, 96.6

D. McDonald 48.2, 46.4, 94.6

J. Traeger 48.3, 46.2, 94.5

G. Harrison 48.1, 46.2, 94.3

J. Irvine 47.1, 46.1, 93.2

D. Irvine 44.4, 41.1, 85.6

I. Taylor 42.1, 43.2, 85.3

R. Love 43.1, 42.0, 85.1


F Class Standard

A. Conlon 57.3, 56.3, 113.6

J. Cranwell 54.3, 58.6, 112.9

P. Byass 54.2, 55.1, 109.3

T. Brown 53.1, 55.3, 108.4

F. Marshall 50.2, 55.3, 105.5

J. Caspers 49.1, 54.3, 103.4

B. Robertson 47.0, 54.2, 101.2

L. Hickerson 40.0, 46.0, 86.0


F Class Open

J. Hennig 55.0, 58.6, 113.6

I. Elston 52.2, 56.1, 108.3

M. Williams 49.0, 55.2, 104.2




J. Hoerisch 45.2, 48.4, 93.5

D. Clarke 44.0, 48.2, 92.2

D. Pumpa 45.4, 46.3, 91.7

D. Lindner 44.2, 44.1, 88.3

P. Dayman 42.1, 45.0, 87.1


F Class Standard

S. Wuttke 56.3, 52.0, 108.3

S. Smithson 52.0, 53.1, 105.1


F Class Open

P. Larsen 54.1, 57.3, 111.4

J. Ziersch 53.0, 56.4, 109.4



DRA TEAMS 2014 ~ 15

DRA 4 & 5 F Class Team 2015
DRA 4 & 5 F Class Team 2015
DRA Teams Report 14th March 2015 (by P Larsen)

We had three Kapunda team member in the group. Scott, Jim and myself. Also 3 Baklava members Jerome Ziersch James Freebairn and Bill Freebairn (coach). We started a 300 Meters and started quite successful with the wind being the most subtle but giving Bill the right readings. The mirage was telling lies and not really making any sense. Moving back to 500 meters saw Jim and Jerome do really well and Scott and I did OK. Scott’s group seemed to get bigger than the 300. Then after lunch we moved back to 800 meters where the mirage was really bad and I got a low 51 with some wind shots that Jim got onto with the next shooters to get better scores.

After that range I did not hold much luck with a 51 and 49 for Scott and I but to my amazement we had made enough headway at the shorter ranges to get the job done. Looking at Scott’s rifle the action screws were loose explaining some fliers he was getting so let’s hope that behind us. Words from Bill. “its dads job to get Scotts rifle shooting well so he can beat his father and have an encouraging day”. In the end the margin was 13 points and DRA 4 and 5 picked up first place for the second year running.

A great day with really good team members with a good result too.


Findlay / Griffiths Results 2014-15 Final

East vs West Results 2014

SARA Country Teams DRA Results 2014

DRA Teams and Country Teams, Lower Light, 16~17 March 2013

 Saturday the 16th  2013 was set for the DRA Teams match at the SARA Lower Light range, with a team of 10 shooters and 2 coaches drawn from Kapunda, Maitland Wallaroo and Balaklava clubs (4 & 5 DRA). This team returned with a brilliant win by 12 points over the more fancied No 1 and No. 2 DRA teams, a feat which was last done in 1980. Kapunda had 5 representatives with 3 shooters, L Williams, J Hoerisch and J Allen with D Lindner and D Pumpa as coaches. The 300 and 500 m was shot with reasonable conditions and our team took a handy 20 point lead after 500, but the 800 m came with gale force winds and a frontal fishtail, leaving many coaches thinking of suicide (most) but No 4 and 5 Association team was victorious by 12 points (top effort by all and it was one of the all time sporting feats in shooting history). Full results will be posted here when available.

TR-Country-TeamFC-Country-TeamSunday the 17th at Lower Light was set for the Country Teams competition which started in the 1940’s and still has fierce rivalry between clubs throughout SA and Broken Hill, with 14 TR teams and 4 F Class teams competing. Kapunda No 1 team finished 6th off rifle and 8th on handicap, and in F Class Kapunda finished 4th. Once again conditions were rough as the scores show.

Country-Teams-2013Target Rifle. S Klose 47.1, 46.3, 46.3, 139.7. J Hoerisch 48.5, 50.5, 46.2, 144.12. L Williams 48.5, 46.2, 46.5, 140.12. J Allen 47.2, 42.0, 43.1, 132.3. D Lindner 45.2, 42.1, 44.4, 131.7. And in F Class J Taylor, 57.2, 47, 54.2, 158.4, S Smithson 30.0 46.1, 46, 122.1, B Kalleske 54.2, 49.0, 50.0, 153.2, G Neldner 49.1, 33.0, 44.3, 126.4. D Barlow 47.0, 46.0, 47.0 140.0. Total Scores in TR 686.41 and F Class 709.11.   No 2 DRA OPM at Mt Barker 24 Feb 2013 Five Kapunda RC members braved the weather and electronic targets at Mount Barker on Sunday 24th Feb 2013. The targets were easy, the weather was another story. Approximately 50 shooters faced 5 targets for the first open competition shot on electronic targets in South Australia. The event was staged over 3 stages at 600 yds. At the first range Adam Pohl opened the proceedings with a convincing win in F Open with a 59.3, Alex Kerin managed a 2nd in F Std with 54.2. The second stage saw the positions reversed with Adam 2nd on 56.2 and Alex winning the range with 58.2. Steve had the misfortune to have an unexplained miss at this range which did not help his score any. Alex also learnt a lesson on this range: if you are not settled and move your gear, make sure you are still aimed at the right target before you shoot. He recovered well with his 2nd sighter being a 6. Stage 3 started with both Adam and Alex first down in extremely bad conditions ruining any chance of an aggregate win for either of them as the conditions proceeded to moderate for the later shooters. Trev Otto managed 2nd in F Open at this range with a 54.2. In the Grand Aggregate Adam finished 2nd in F Open and Alex finished 3rd in F Std. It seems that the difficult conditions produced a number of ‘birds’ all of which were noted on the blackboards with a feather being attached adjacent to the shooters name. Chris Williams went home with a six pack of beer for his effort in collecting the greatest number of feathers. Representatives of the HEX target system were on hand to answer questions and give inspections of the targets.

Name 600-1 600-2 600-3 Agg Grade/Class
AdamPohl 59.3 56.2 51.2 166.7 F Open
Alex Kerin 54.2 58.2 53.2 165.6 F Std
Trev Otto 49.1 52.2 54.2 155.5 F Open
Steve Smithson 48.0 38.1 55.2 141.3 F Std
David Lindner 45.1 42.0 41.1 128.3 TR B

No. 4 & 5 DRA Stage 2 Maitland 600 Yards Maitland was the host for the second stage of the DRA Teams shot over 600 yards, with 10 five man teams competing. In Division 1 Kapunda No 1 with 379 was first from Maitland No 1 with 378, a win by only 1 point. In Division 2 Kapunda No 2 with 376 was first from Maitland No 2 with 374, a win by 2 points. Kapunda 2A came in 3rd with 357. A top effort by all shooters and coaches as the conditions at times were un-readable. David Pumpa, Captain. Maitland DRA Stage 2 Captains Report 20 Oct ’12 Findlay Shield ~ George Lodge Mem Shield Results to Date 20th Oct ’12 Griffiths Medal 2012 2013 Results to Date A B 20th Oct ’12 Griffiths Medal 2012 2013 Results to Date C F 20th Oct ’12 Maitland OPM results 14th Oct 12. Well done Peter Larsen. No. 4 & 5 DRA Stage I Wallaroo 300 Yards Last Saturday saw the first stage of No. 4 & 5 DRA teams shot over 300 yards at Wallaroo, with light winds making for good shooting. There were 6 possibles shot with F Class shooters getting four. Peter Larsen with a double possible 48.4 and 48.5, Scott Larsen with a 48.6 and Alex Kerin with a 48.3. In Target Rifle John Hoerisch took a 40.3 and Les Williams a 40.2. In Division I Balaklava No. I won by four points from Kapunda No. I and in Division II Kapunda No. II won and Kapunda No. IIA were second. Top off rifle; Team I was L Williams 79.4 Team II was P Larsen 96.9 Team IIA was B Kalleske 94.5 A top effort from all. David Pumpa, Captain.

Good of you to volunteer to make up the composite team Geoff, but that had better not be a SARA club transfer form he’s filling in !!