Recent Member Achievements

ICFRA F-Class World Championships at Connaught Ranges, Ottawa, Canada from Aug 8th – Aug 17th, 2017. Congratulations to Adam Pohl on his selection and it is highly likely that Peter Larsen will also travel to Ottawa to compete in the Rutland Cup.

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 Kapunda members at the Maitland OPM 2016. Well done all and in particular, G Davies, B Webley and J Ziersch.


Maitland Open Prize meeting 2016 Results

Kapunda red shirts at the Queens and beyond.

Our new shirts are only months old but are now recognised by many in both SA and other states. Kapunda teams have recently had great success at team level and enjoyed new notoriety as the up and coming team to beat. This is due to both the passion and attention to detail of it’s members and a desire to win both the event and respect of other clubs.

The Victoria Queens

Kapunda had 2 members at the recent Vic Queens with Graham Davies putting the targets up and Steve Smithson trying to hit them. The FTR comp had some of the best FTR shooters in Australia attending and competing was combination of Australian team and State team shooters. The result for 5 days of shooting was 2 silver and 1 bronze range medals being won at 1000 and 700 yards. The new shirt attracted some attention and people now know Kapunda exists (the shirt did most of it the shooting a little bit). This event is well run and I would recommend that you should attend if you ever can.

The SA Queens.

Kapunda had members compete in the SA QUEENS, D Lindner. B Webley. P Larsen. M Lagana. J Ziersch. S Smithson. Brett, Dave and Steve competed for all 5 days, Peter 3 days at Queens with Matt and Jerome competing in part of the Queens.

Red shirts outcome.

F Open Aggregate Queen’s winner went to Brent Webley and Peter Larsen was second place, both nailing it with sound wins over some of the best F/O shooters in Australia. With red shirts beating world team shirts. More to follow regarding individual accomplishments. Well done Brent and Peter. FTR 1st day aggregate win to Steve. Butch pushed the C graders but could not quite get over the line.

Acknowledgment: The best part.

Kapunda received accolades from local clubs and shooters (also interstate F class shooters and clubs) that Kapunda has a strong and growing F Class team. This is great news for the club and people involved. The new shirts look great on the podium.

Regards Steve Smithson, 2nd May ’16.

Dave, Jerome, Peter, Brent and Steve.
Dave, Jerome, Peter, Brent and Steve.