OPM 2016

Kapunda OPM 2016 Results

Captains report.

Well it’s over.  The planning, the work, the coordination and willingness to make our OPM a success worked.

This outcome did not just happen by chance, it was planned for and although shooter numbers were down on previous years, the day was a success.

From the most senior members to some of our most junior ones I would like to congratulate and thank you for your efforts in achieving this outcome.

Butch for securing wine for range prizes and being Kapunda’s only prize winner on the day and wearing his new shirt.

Peter Larsen and Adam Pohl your efforts with the F class trophies and being Simons apprentice’s in the office, plus offering and assisting with other roles like initiating squadding at prize meets in SA was greatly appreciated. Thanks Peter and Adam

Jim Taylor and Peter Dayman who gave me help mid-week to renew all the targets for the event. This team worked well in repairing targets in near record time even though Jim was favouring his new knee. Thanks guys

John Scobie the new kid on the block. Not here a year and on the committee and into it, well done John and thank you for the slashing, and for supplying and maintaining the cooker and open fire. Your efforts in the cooking made the job much easier for the ladies.

Dave Pumpa your role in being chief range officer, range equipment transport and mentoring the new captain was much appreciated, great work. Thanks Dave.

 The Ladies, well done, this group comprised of some of the older hands and the newer ones who donate their time, and skills getting the job done of feeding everyone and keeping it all working seamlessly. Teresa, a big thank you for the Kitchen cleaning, stocktaking and your help on the day. Thank you Ladies.

The Markers. Great job guys. To Graham, Adrian, Andy, Dave and Lindsay outstanding work over the day, thank you for your commitment and attention to detail, it made the day flow without incident. It must have been cold down in the butts and we all appreciate your effort in those trying conditions. Next year a table reserved in front of the fire for lunch- promise.

Johnno thanks JJ for stocking the fridge and looking after the refreshment side of things. You do it every week and for our prize meet. Thank you for your ongoing help and support in our club.

The working bee crew the range looked great and everything functioned as it should. Comments on the range and facilities were all positive for our guests, so take pride in your achievements, the Captain and committee would like to thank you for your time spent in achieving the great outcome.

Les Williams for donating from his private stock, selected bottles for wine spot centres.

The Ziersch kids – thanks guys for running the cards to the office, bring your bikes next year.

Feedback on the day from other Club Captains, committee members and shooters who all commented that our OPM was one of the best run and catered events on the calendar. Great feedback for our efforts.


We all pulled together to make it a great day. The slightly sombre start to the day with last shots fired for Harold (Joe) Doddridge and Ted Knowles soon faded away to the usual laughter, jokes and stirring which happens at these events. Some good early scores and the great sight picture had F class shooters happy for the earlier stages of the day. TR A grade numbers down a bit on previous years but competition still great with local and interstate entries. Well done John Hoerisch in winning the Stoekel Memorial Trophy shoot-off staged between the top 5 TR shooters for the day. Great day and thanks to all involved.

Steve Smithson Club Captain KRC

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