Anniversary Long Range Event


KAPUNDA RIFLE RANGE is one of the oldest in the country still in use, and one of the very few that is both owned by it’s Club and accommodates longer ranges (to 1000 yards). The Kapunda Rifle Club Inc. is approaching it’s 150th anniversary and to celebrate the milestones of Club and Range, an Anniversary Shoot will be staged on the 3rd November 2013.

Although the event is classed as a picnic meeting, it will be similar in structure and rules to an Open Prize Meeting. The newly renovated mounds at 900 and 1000 yard will be utilised with 10 shot matches (subject to committee discretion). Target Rifle A, B and C Grades, F Standard A and B grades and F Open.

Morning tea, lunch and refreshments will be available.

A 150th year Commemorative Badge will be provided to all Competitors.

Entry Fee $30.00.

Many shooters have shown keen interest and support. To help with assessing format and planning needs, it would be very helpful if interested shooters would click on the contact link below, and send the Kapunda Rifle Club Secretary a quick note, including your name, club and preferred grade (A, B, C, F Std or FO).

Enfield Pattern 1853 rifle-musket