How to …

Below is a link to an excellent website (thanks Mark Heyward) which gives a lot of useful information about long range rifle shooting in South Australia, including the various disciplines, how to get started, and licensing. Check it out….

Long Range Rifle Shooting in SA Website

and the following are useful publications and links for those that are always looking to improve their skills….

Guide to Better Scores by Paul Carberry

Sports Vision and Target Sports by Bryan Smith

The 6br website has quite a lot of info on the latest and greatest products and forums that you can ask almost anything accuracy related and get relatively straightforward responses!

6mmbr Website

Oz fclass is as the name suggests slanted more toward f class BUT there are some very very knowledgeable members that have spent many years studying advanced ballistics and accuracy which applies to all long range shooting.

ozclass Website

One of Kapunda’s members is making his mark building an enviable reputation in the gunsmith field, particularly in the F Class area. A call to Jerome prior to outlaying hard earned cash might just save you money and angst in the long run.

Jerome and Lisa at  Ziersch Custom Rifles