Excel Shield

Saturday the 16th September 2017 saw Kapunda Rifle Club members travel to Murray Bridge Rifle Club to complete for the coveted Excel Shield. The Shield is contested annually and the venue is alternated each year. This year it was Murray Bridge Rifle Club’s turn to host, and suppling lunch and afternoon tea. This was scheduled 1 week after Kapunda’s Open Prize Meeting and this allowed the Kapunda Pistol Club to hold its biggest event on their calendar, utilising all of our range.

Due to the intense preparations in the lead up to, and running of the prize meet, the Excel shield probably was not given enough emphasis due to OPM hangover.

Nominations were called for from interested parties, and a rough coaching and shooting order was planned. MBRC have a different marker schedule in place which calls for longer duties and requires flexible shooting rotations to achieve a functioning orderly flow. Big thanks to those few who did the longer time frames in the butts which helped the teams efficiency.

With our shooters forming 2 teams, which had all Target Rifle and F Class separated into their own specific disciplines to streamline and help with the limited coaches available, the day got under way.

Changing winds and mirages, with those changes happening quickly had shooters visiting unfamiliar areas on the target face. When F Class shooters score twos in middle of their session, it’s a true indicator of very quick conditional changes occurring.

The event was well run and the shooters cycled through the conditions with a businesslike approach. At the end of the day Kapunda won the event and took possession of the shield for another year. After an 18-year drought Kapunda has won the event twice in the last 3 years giving the Club its 7th win in the long history of the Excel Shield. Although Murray Bridge won the target Rifle class with a very strong team our F Class team won their side of things which handed the combined average win to Kapunda.

Kapunda top off rifle Target Rifle John Hoerisch, F Class Jade Kearsley, who missed out on her first possible (1 point) due to nervous coaches.

Well done to the club members who travelled and represented Kapunda Rifle Club. You achieved the result we hoped for.

Steve Smithson. Captain KRC.